NYX: Vivid Brights Review

Being someone who aspires to create many creative makeup looks, I strive to have a very colourful collection of eyeliners, eyeshadows and lipsticks.
When I saw these NYX Vivid Brights eyeliners on NYX’s website, I almost had a heart attack. I instantly fell in love. A drugstore, affordable array for colourful eyeliners? Yes, please.

These are $10CAD a piece when purchased online, not including shipping prices. Which, I believe is a reasonable price.

image (5)I have a lot of mixed feelings about this product. 
As I said, when seeing these eyeliners I fell in love immediately. When I first used them, I still loved them. They initially glide on smoothly, the colour payoff and pigmentation is excellent, and
most colours applied to the eye match the colour promised (Keyword: MOST). A large problem I have with these liners, a problem that is a make-or-break in an eyeliner to me, is the amount that this eyeliner cracks when it dries.

I bought these eyeliners primarily for Makeup Artist purposes. I bought them to look nice and to add unique twists to eye makeup. But, when your eyeliner starts to completely crack and crumble apart, it ruins a makeup look. They crack almost instantaneously as well.  They have a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on NYX’s website and I 100% disagree with that rating. The cracking itself makes these unusable to me the majority of the time.

image (1)

Another issue I have with these liners is with two specific shades: “Vivid Fire” (Red) and “Vivid Envy” (Green). Both shades apply to the eye completely differently to how they appear on the bottle. Vivid Envy was not awful. It is a more dark green, rather than a neon, vivid green as the bottle makes it look. Vivid Fire, on the other hand, greatly disappointed me. It applies so pale, and the consistency is so thin it applies so patchy. The only way to make it a true red is to continuously layer it on top of itself. The colour is completely different than how it appears on the bottle.

I don’t know. I was so disappointed with these eyeliners. I, so badly, wanted to love them. If they re-formulated them to make them more hydrating so they do not crack when they dry, these would be lovely. They truly did an incredible job with the colour pigmentation on these liners. Just, the cracking of the liners make me hate them. They’re so frustrating and seem to ruin any look I use them in. I wouldn’t recommend them.

If any of you have any good coloured liners that don’t crack and have good pigmentation, please let me know! I would love to try some new ones.


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