About the Blog

Welcome to akalooks.wordpress.com – a blog made for beauty lovers by a beauty lover! ♥

What Posts To Expect

Products Review: 
Most commonly, I will be reviewing a wise range of products. This includes: makeup, skin care, hair treatments and other various products. Each product review will include a list of possible pros and cons as well as if I would personally recommend that product to others.

Occasionally, I will be posting makeup tutorials in both written and video formation. Videos will be direct links from my YouTube Channel! These tutorials will range from simple to complex, full-face or only eye makeup looks (as seen on my Instagram).

Monthly Favourites:
Every month, I will compile a list of my favourite products for that month.
These products will be in all categories from cosmetics, skincare, hair care, home decor, etc,.

These will be fashion related posts. This will consist of collections of outfits that I have put together from various stores. Where the clothing was purchased, and my opinion of each piece will be included in each post. These posts will also be in written and video formats.

Makeup Tips:
Here, I will be giving some makeup tips (and hacks!) that I have learned throughout my many years of wearing makeup. They will be tips and tricks that have personally helped me make my makeup application easier.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Projects:
A section for simple DIY projects! Step-by-step demonstrations to craft your own various things. This will range from home decor pieces to even cosmetics!